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Business is all about being creative, building the right team and creating a loyal client base

Coming up with a creative idea can sometimes be difficult but if you learn how to think creatively then you can always take a commodity and be more innovative and scale your business. Like for example Uber, in essence they have taken a commodity, used the new technology and innovated a new app and now have become one of the biggest in the world. So, being creative is vital but how do you do that?

Building a Superstar team is vital for growth but again most businesses struggle to find and keep top talent. Let Jack share with you how he built a superstar team in his business and how you can do the same or even if you want to stay lean in your business, not hire but still grow, he can share with you how you can do that too.

Most businesses also struggle with creating a loyal customer base who keep coming back to buy from you over and over again. Jack can share with you his secrets on how he had Royal Families, Celebrities and Large listed corporations as his loyal customers.

The points that he covers in his talks are:

  • How to create an asset base that will generate your passive income.
  • How app based businesses can scale faster
  • How to Create Powerful Businesses and sell for life changing amounts.
  • 100 ways to find new clients, generate new leads and sales
  • How to Increase Your Brand Value
  • Starting Your Business (Best ways to do your Research and know exactly which products / services will sell fast)
  • How to Create a Strong Brand from the Start, Stand out & Scale (Branding & Positioning)
  • Clarity breeds mastery
  • How to create a strong network (create partnerships that pay you long term)
  • How to create a system where you get repeated business (referrals)
  • Two ways to increase your bottom-line profit without increasing expenses
  • How to keep building your business with the perspective of an exit or raising finance (how to sell your share of the business and achieve the maximum amount) (this strategy alone will make you millions)
  • How to buy businesses for free and add to your bottom-line profits.
  • How to hire a strong team (if you don't want to employ anyone, we will also share how to hire without having to employ anyone)
  • How to lead your team effectively
  • Best ways to Scale (franchise or affiliate)
  • How to raise finance for your business (pitching)
  • How to get the best Return on Investment in your business
  • How to compare opportunities and which ones to take on
  • How to become Your Industry Leader
  • Your high-ticket program business paradigm
  • The profit hunter’s paradigm
  • Empowering psychology and philosophy
  • Balance and happiness
  • Being Disruptive, Innovative & Creative
  • How to do more and achieve more in the least amount of time
  • Guerrilla marketing tactics and how to use them effectively
  • Copy writing skills (Book writing and how it can help you scale)
  • How to Create Assets within Your Business that generate more income?
  • When you get the whole ecosystem right, you are likely to have a much more sustainable business and get a much higher valuation than normal.

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