Increase Your Brand Value Training Program

Create your legacy

  • Would you like to Create A Brand that Leads in your industry?
  • Would you like to Increase the Brand Value of Your Business?
  • Being able to Stand Out & Scale Your Business
  • Create Assets within Your Business that generate more income?
  • A Business a Brand which you could sell? Or raise finance to scale further?
  • A Business you could be proud of?
  • A business that runs with less of your time and systemised enough to give you free time for yourfamily, friends and leisure and spend time on things you always wanted? Being able to spend time when you like, where you like, with whom you like & as much as you like!
  • Being able to have influence and be known in your industry?
  • A highly profitable business that has enough margins for marketing budget and hiring a team?
  • Or if you already have a business and a brand but need to strengthen the position of your brand inyour industry?
  • This Program also covers some of the aspects of living a balanced and fun life. You cannot feel happy if you are not living a balanced life and the purpose of life is to be happy. We lead businesses so we could get that feeling of happiness so we have covered on some of the perspectives of living a happy life.
  • In this 6 months program, I will personally hand-hold youand make sure you reach your goals. The only thing I would want from you is to follow the program and take action. I cannot help you if you don't take action and don’t do the work that needs to be done. I will hold you accountable but only you can do the work, I can give you the guidance and save you 10+ years of learning and making mistakes that I have made and lost lots of money, you don't have to do that. Save yourself at least 10 years of learning and mistakes and losing money which you could save with this program.
  • Return on investment on this program is at least a 1000 times or more. Many people go to their death bed with regrets but not my clients. My clients will leave a legacy and a strong foundation.

What’s covered in this program?

  • Full access to me on my mobile 24/7 (I charge £3000 a day)
  • You can also WhatsApp me anytime during the 6 months program
  • Weekly Consulting calls
  • Email access to me for the 6 months period of the program
  • Access to my power network (solicitors, accountants, advisors, coaches and many other businesses that I work closely with).
  • Week 1. Starting Your Business (Best ways to do your Research and know exactly which products / services will sell fast)
  • Week 2. 100 ways to find new clients
  • Week 3. How to Create a Strong Brand from the Start, Stand out & Scale (Branding & Positioning) | Increase Your Brand Value (If you already lead a business but don't have a strong position in your market, this week will be super awesome for you).
  • Week 4. Clarity breeds mastery
  • Week 5. How to create a strong network (create partnerships that pay you long term)
  • Week 6. How to create a system where you get repeated business (referrals)
  • Week 7. 2 ways to increase your bottom line profit without increasing expenses
  • Week 8. How to keep building your business with the perspective of an exit or raising finance (how to sell your share of the business and achieve the maximum amount) (this strategy alone will make you thousands of pounds)
  • Week 9. How to hire a strong team (if you don't want to employ anyone, we will also share how to hire without having to employ anyone)
  • Week 10. How to lead your team effectively
  • Week 11. Best ways to Scale (franchise or affiliate)
  • Week 12. How to raise finance for your business (pitching)
  • Week 13. How to get the best Return on Investment in your business
  • Week 14. How to compare opportunities and which one to take on
  • Week 15. How to become Your Industry Leader
  • Week 16. Your high ticket program business paradigm
  • Week 17. The profit hunters paradigm
  • Week 18. Empowering psychology and philosophy
  • Week 19. Balance and happiness
  • Week 20. Being Disruptive, Innovative & Creative
  • Week 21. How to do more and achieve more in the least amount of time
  • Week 22. Guerrilla marketing tactics and how to use them effectively
  • Week 23. Sales strategies & tactics
  • Week 24. Copy writing skills (Book writing and how it can help you scale)
  • Week 25. How to Create Assets within Your Business that generate more income?
  • Week 26. The Biggest SECRET (will reveal inside the program)
  • When you get the whole ecosystem right, you are likely to have a much more sustainable business and get a much higher valuation than normal.

Businesses can in most cases be divided in stages of its growth for example- Revenue:





Each of this stage requires a different set of skills and psychology for you to grow.


About Jack

I started at the age of 14 by joining my family fashion export business. Stayed in family business till the age of 19. Got really frustrated as I felt like a slave of the system. My observation tells me that most entrepreneurs cannot leave their business for a long vacation as they will start to lose money. If you leave your business and lose money, in essence you don't have a business, with respect you are a slave of your business.

If your business makes money without you, that's when you really have a business. If you sell your business and get some equity value, that's when you have a business. The purpose of writing this is to help you with strategies you can use to build a profitable business which runs without you or with less of your time involved in operations and be able to get to a point where you could sell your share of the business for possibly a life changing amount. Is it going to be an easy ride? The answer is not but for sure it’s going to be worth it.

From the age of 20 till 24, I changed 20+ jobs and then decided to start my own business. Started a business and built to a team of 25 which we sold in 2014. Built another contract after that and sold that too working from home, keeping the business lean.
Although there are many aspects to consider while creating a brand& to increase the brand value of your business. However some of the major aspects to consider while creating a brand are in this program.
Some strategies are about business growth and others about how to get a higher valuation when looking to sell your share of the business.

Sales and marketing are at the core of exponential growth. You could have the best product on the planet but if you are not positioned right, you will struggle.

When selling you shares of the business, value of anything is always subjective so what a prospective buyer is prepared to pay. Keeping that in mind, you network will play a big part in your business sale. The more people know how your business runs and how it makes money and how they can take a part of the pie will play a big part.

At the core of it, is that you must always create a business with high margins or you will struggle. Another way of doing it is if you can sell volumes but that's never easy.

So you must always keep in mind that anything you plan to sell must have high margins so you could take money out for marketing and hiring a sales and management team. That's the only easier way to be able build a business which will make you money while you are on a long vacation. That's the only easier way to be able to build a business that will get you a higher valuation (higher margins, higher valuation).

So whats the whole purpose of starting a business in the first place and that is freedom. So lets work towards growing a business which gives you the freedom to spend time with your loved ones and even travel the world and live a balanced life.

Who is it for?

  • For Entrepreneurs who are looking to Increase the Brand Value of their Business
  • Stand out & Scale Their Business
  • Raise Finance
  • Franchise
  • Make a difference to this World and Leave a Legacy.

One Time Payment



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For Next 5 Months: £660 per month

  • This program by far is the best return on investment you will ever make in yourself
  • As soon as the first payment is received, you will get access to all the online portals and access to me personally where I will come and do a custom build design and analysis of your business to start with.
  • If you have a business partner or your better half wants to join, they get it for free.