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1. Jack has been running businesses for the past 30 years and has substantial experience in leading businesses and investments.

2. He can help Entrepreneurs Create Powerful Businesses and help them sell for life changing amounts.

3. He has worked with Property, Tech, Fashion, Retail, Finance, Transportation, Personal Development and Online Businesses. Now he invests most of his time building the Property Tech Platform called PEN helping property investors expand their portfolio and power teams and is involved in property development and property finance. PEN is the world’s #1st property social platform. Simultaneously he is creating one of the largest tech communities in the world called 'Ideas Viral' under the same umbrella of PEN, which consults and incubates tech based start-ups.

4. He started his career with the family export business at the age of 14 and moved on to start his own business after a few years. After running several businesses and investments for over 30 years and gaining the experience, Jack realised through the journey that he was passionate about building powerful brands and helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

5. At the age of 25 he was depressed and suicidal and didn’t know what to do, his businesses and health was suffering but he picked himself up and started educating himself (academic and self-education). He went on to study BA (Hons) Leadership & Management, Finance (Diploma) (does not advise on finance anymore) and Consultancy (Diploma) and read several hundred books on leadership and management. He also read many books on Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Spirituality & biographies of many influential people while running a small chauffeur business. This business was started by Jack, and he was responsible for marketing & sales and training the team.

6. He has led and managed three chauffeur companies for over 12 years. One company with a team of 47 which he started from scratch which he built over time and sold in February 2014. He has provided chauffeur service to many Royal families, Celebrities and has provided service to large listed corporations in UK, Europe, USA, India & Dubai.

7. He also manages a portfolio of investment properties which he started in 2003 and is actively involved in property development projects and hotels.

8. He is passionate about Advising, Training & Inspiring people to become successful in personal and professional life. He believes in the Kaizen theory of continuous improvement in every aspect of life.

9. Jack can also help you tap into your potential that is inherent in you. It’s something you are born with, and all you need is a deeper reflection that Jack can help you with subtle questioning skills.

10. Jack helps businesses with creative growth strategies and empowering psychology and philosophy.

11. He also helps entrepreneurs get more value for their business if they are looking to sell or exit or helps entrepreneurs buy businesses for free which can help them add profits to their bottom line.

12. He has also done many workshops advising, training and inspiring entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses.

13. He has sold multiple businesses till now out of which one was turning over 7-figures £. 

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