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Our PURPOSE is to help You reach Your Highest Potential so You Could Grow Your Business and Live an Amazing Life

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We work with Entrepreneurs to help them Stand Out Scale and Create a Sustainable Business.


Let me tell you a story….

I started at the age of 14 by joining my family fashion export business. Stayed in family business till the age of 19-20. Got really frustrated as I felt like a slave of the system. My observation tells me that most entrepreneurs cannot leave their business for a long vacation as they will start to lose money. If you leave your business and lose money, in essence you don't have a business, with respect you are a slave of your business.

If your business makes money without you, that’s when you really have a business. If you sell your business and get some value, that’s when you have a business. The purpose of writing this is to help you with strategies you can use to build a profitable business which runs without you and be able to get to a point where you could sell your share of the business for possibly a life changing amount. Is it going to be an easy ride? The answer is no but for sure it’s going to be worth it.

Our life turns out with the quality of questions we ask ourselves so I asked myself a question- “How do I create a business which I could sell for a life changing amount? So, started working towards it. I also consult other businesses as I went through the experience and have been observing people who have sold businesses for life changing amounts. Selling 2 small businesses was not easy however it gave me the foundational experience I needed to build a much bigger business. Although there are many aspects to consider while creating a brand. However, some of the major aspects to consider while creating a brand with sellable value are listed in the guide in the store section (you can download the guide for free).

Some strategies are about business growth and others about how to get a higher valuation when looking to sell your share of the business. Sales and marketing are at the core of exponential growth. You could have the best product on the planet but if you are not positioned right, you will struggle. When selling you shares of the business, value of anything is always subjective so what a prospective buyer is prepared to pay. Keeping that in mind, you network will play a big part in your business sale. The more people know how your business runs and how it makes money and how they can take a part of the pie will play a big part. At the core of it, is that you must always create a business with high margins or you will struggle. Another way of doing it is if you can sell volumes but that’s never easy.

So, you must always keep in mind that anything you plan to sell must have high margins so you could take money out for marketing and have a sales team you could pay to. That’s the only easier way to be able build a business which will make you money while you are on a long vacation. That’s the only easier way to be able to build a business that will get you a higher valuation (higher margins, higher valuation).

We help entrepreneurs to generate more leads and more sales and we believe that solves most problems of most Businesses.

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Denise Mortimer, Essex UK
Raghav Parkash, Life Coach, UK
Yerlin Ramirez, Costa Rica
Jasbir Arora, Life Coach, UK
Harold Valestin, New York
“Jack is a great business mentor and have been a tremendous help in the growth of my company. Jack has the ability to explore various strategies and provide different strategical approach, from solving cash flow problems, to maximising profits. I would highly recommend Jack's service to everyone who is in business, regardless of their business nature, as the fundamentals are all the same.


Limit Break Lifestyle Ltd
“Outstanding speaker, I feel very fortunate to have attended one of Jacks workshops. The right amount of humor with the right amount of knowledge makes for the perfect speaker. Also after spending some one-on-one time with Jack I know he is a fantastic person and can lead anyone to success in both personal and financial part of life. Thank you so much !!!


Manager at Next Westfield London
“I Recently met Jack and was really inspired by him. Jack is a great at motivating and getting you to get things done, he has helped me grow my business in a short space of time with his in depth business knowledge and passion for helping others and businesses. He has been a great mentor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who want to progress in life and thrive.


Director at Spider Entertainment ltd
"Jack is a enthusiastic speaker, he knows what he's talking about and has well researched the topics he covers. I have learned a lot from him and will also implementing them to further enhance my career. I would like to acknowledge your mentoring as it has made a huge impact on my career by keeping me focused and moreover has given me clarity in my life goals. Thank you Jack


Customer Services Receptionist at Hilton hotel
"Jack is a great business advisor and has great insight into direct response marketing and has helped me grow my business. He has also helped me improve my sales and negotiation skills which in turn has helped me save on many deals. I would highly recommend him to anyone as Jack can help you grow your business in the most creative ways, which you may not even imagine.


Senior Enterprise Inside Sales Manager at QlikTech GmbH
“Jack is an energetic speaker and the insight and wisdom he has into leading businesses is amazing. He has taught me how to lead my team more effectively and how to provide customer service that amazes my customers every single time. He has taught me creative strategies that has helped me in my career growth. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to grow their business substantially.


Optician at Boots


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