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Secrets of Tech Start-ups & Growth

Aim is financial confidence rather than financial freedom as that’s life lasting.

  Would you like to learn the skills to build your 8-10 figure tech platform? 

  Learn how to generate tech ideas, qualify gaps, find the best CTO, raise external funding and scale your user base exponentially. 

  Once a week live training and recorded so you could watch in your own convenient time. Ask questions on live trainings too. 

  100’s of hours of pre-recorded trainings already available to watch.

  Want to create a technology business to create passive income for freedom of time and money?

  Want to learn how to strategically position yourself and or your business to help you stand out?

  Want to learn how to buy other businesses with none of your own money and increase the value of your portfolio?

  Your bank balance is proportional to your skills level, if you want to change your wealth level then it’s about levelling up your skills and that's what this is about.  

  You will learn all about tech and wealth building. 

  Want to learn the secrets of the top 1% in the world?

  Our aim to raise your financial well-being.

  We have joining fee at levels where we only cover our admin cost at £9.99 per month. Cancel when you like. 

  Only 9 positions available 

1. You can join from here - https://www.paypal.com/webapps/billing/plans/subscribe?plan_id=P-17984746D9185450VMHAKMII

2. We only work with a handful of clients a year on our one-to-one consulting, starts from £100k+. You can join the waiting list here - https://mailchi.mp/08b70027d56b/jdtech

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